Booking & Screening

I will always ask for a provider’s reference if this is your first time booking with me.

You may email all references to –

I will also accept a Linkedin or professional website as a form of screening.

Along with a picture of your business card and ID.

Feel free to blur out your address on your business card and ID.

I never contact any employers.

I screen for my safety and well-being. I will never share any confidential information with a third-party.

When inquiring please include your

  1. Name and contact.
  2. Your provider’s reference with an email address I can reach her at.
  3. A work reference if you don’t have a provider’s reference.
  4. The date you wish to book

I typically would like to be booked at least a day in advance.

I prefer advanced bookings to ensure the best experience for the both of us.

I am very responsive through email and will usually reply within the same day or 24 hours.

All provider’s can reach me at


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